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Live-Online Training

social accountability

Engage Citizens for Good Governance
Social Accountability is an important component of an overall good governance framework. It is an approach towards building accountability that relies on civic engagement and actions initiated by ordinary citizens and citizen groups in holding public officials and service providers accountable.

The course will prepare you to focus on developing your knowledge and skills to strengthen citizen involvement to hold their government accountable through participatory monitoring.

time for self-reflection





training on

four days

1.5 Hours

each Session

ends with


expert facilitator

How do we transfer knowledge?

In this course you will work in:

  • Discussions in break-out rooms,

  • Simulations,

  • Role-Plays,

  • Self and Group Reflections,

  • Interactive Online Tools.


Throughout the training, you will have hands-on experience in using the different social accountability tools, such as


  • Community Scorecard

  • Social Audit

  • Public Hearing

  • Public Expenditure Tracking System besides others


You will get to meet eminent guest speakers who will share their practical experiences and knowledge on social accountability with the training group. 

Key fields of the training

In the training you are going to discuss

  • Social Accountability: concept, principles, and rationale

  • Concept of Good Governance and its relevance with Social Accountability

  • Practical skills in the use of social accountability tools such as right to information, community score card, social audit, public hearing, facility audit, citizen charter, participatory budgeting and expenditure tracking amongst others.

  • Identify the characteristics of an enabling environment for citizen engagement.

  • Identify ways to use social accountability tools for advocacy to make the case for change.

  • Develop ability to assess government schemes and programs

After the training you will be able to

After the completion of the course, you will be able to use social accountability tools in your projects on good governance and advocacy. 

This course is designed for everyone working in civil society organizations who wants to learn the foundations of social accountability.