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exceptional leadership

Create impact and legacy for a better world

In the last 7 years, 150 leaders went through this course. Nearly all stated that this was the most important course in their career. Some called it a life-changing experience.


In today’s rapidly changing environment, civil society organizations need leaders who are not only visionary and strategic thinkers, but also those who create relationships across differences, foster leadership in others, and act collectively in response to change. Effective leaders are those who create a vision for the future, work well with a team, enable their team’s success, and demonstrate flexibility. Exceptional Leadership is, therefore, the key to lasting social change. 

Our Exceptional Leadership Masterclass was designed for civil society leaders like you to elevate your leadership to the next level - by reflecting on your current practice and inspiring you to go further.

12 Days

two modules





six days

each module

ends with


How do we learn together?

The masterclass is based on our powerful Exceptional Leadership Model for personal and organizational mastery for social change.


In our masterclass we use specific methods and tools:

  • Self and group reflections

  • International peer group exchange

  • Role-plays and scenarios

  • Interactive games

Between the two modules you will have:

  • Personal mentoring and coaching

During the masterclass, you will be inspired by other exceptional leaders and eminent guest speakers.

Key fields of the training

  • Gain greater self-awareness

  • Align your engagement with civil society with your values and your life purpose

  • Embark on a transformative journey to reflect on your leadership skills and attitudes

  • Understand the role of coaching in leading successful civil society organizations

  • Learn coaching skills including GROW, “the coaching habit” of asking powerful questions, thinking positively, and the power of empathy

  • ​Forget about commanding and giving “good” advice and learn to empower the people around you

After the masterclass

  • You know yourself and your organization much better

  • You have new strategies in mind to create an impact in the world.

  • You understand the changes that matter to you and your organizations

  • You can build commitment and motivation for change, in yourself and among others

  • You can use and implement strategy tools for your cause

  • You can work with tools that help you to communicate better, manage better, get more resources, and monitor and maintain change

  • You have found new like-minded peers