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Customized Service
Social innovation

Make innovation a core process in your organization

Managing quick and agile innovation and scaling processes is replacing old-school research and development, also in many NGOs. If you want your organisation to stay ahead of the game and master future challenges, you will have to adapt. 


  • Four Innovation challenges including scouting of innovators, design thinking workshops, mentoring support, pitching, and community building

  • Many trainings on innovation for social impact in different contexts, with national and international organizations

  • Process support inclusive facilitation of design workshops, scrum, mentoring for the Afghanistan Accountability Initiative

  • Scaling support for solution in the areas of behavioral change in nutrition as well as skill trainings in the green sector with Welthungerhilfe


  • Workshops for the leadership team to address innovation and scaling in your organization

  • Strategy processes aiming at becoming more innovative and creative

  • Process support for Innovation challenges to develop new solutions

  • Process support for scouting of powerful solutions in your organization, and scaling those solutions.

Social innovations we have teamed-up with


ReGrow by Aeloi

Aeloi is one of the winners of CSA's Social Innovation challenge. Over a 2-year period, we supported Aeloi in piloting and testing ReGrow through training, coaching, and seed funding. 

ReGrow is an agricultural product specifically designed for first-time digital financial service users. It connects users to vendors with microloans issued in digital tokens. This not only builds trust between lenders and borrowers but also provides transparency on how money is spent. 


Uganda Community Voices (UCV) by CEMCOD


Center for Media Literacy and Community Development (CEMCOD) is one of the winners of CSA's Social Innovation challenge. We supported the team in prototyping, piloting, and testing UCV through training, coaching, and seed funding. 

UCV is a digital platform that enables media houses to have a mobile newsroom. Through the mobile app, community reporters can directly submit hyper-local stories for editing and feedback to radio stations.

Watch the video (3:52 min) here

SixFace Creatives.jpg

The Living University by SixFaceCreatives

SixFaceCreatives is one of the winners of CSA's Social Innovation challenge. Over a 2-year period, we supported the team in prototyping, piloting and testing this very creative concept through training, coaching, and seed funding. 

The Living University makes teaching and learning accessible using cutting-edge disciplines, both ancient and new, to those who need it most.


Afghanistan Accountability Initiative (AAI)​

We provided process support incl. facilitation of design workshops, scrum, and mentoring.

AAI aims at supporting Afghan NGOs and CSOs to apply downward accountability and become more self-reliant. The initiative includes three components: Bottom-up design thinking, Seal of Trust Accountability Certification, and Marketing and Business models for Afghan NGOs.


Child Growth Monitor by Welthungerhilfe 


The Child Growth Monitor emerged from an innovation boot camp co-hosted by CSA and WHH in 2017. During the following year, CSA staff was integrated into the piloting team and supported the prototyping, piloting, and iteration of the concept.

Child Growth Monitor is a game-changing app that detects malnutrition by using augmented reality and artificial intelligence.


Scaling Initiative


Green College and Fight Hunger First/ Nutrition Smart Villages were the two initiatives that were selected at WHH to be scaled to new regions in order to accelerate impact while reducing time & cost and ensuring quality through evidence-based implementation. We managed the entire scaling process following a design thinking approach and agile methodology. This includes the development of training manuals and guides and capacity building of country offices and partners.


Innovation Workshop for Malteser International


In early 2019, we designed and facilitated an innovation workshop for more than 30 staff members and partners of Malteser International in Rangon, Myanmar.

The aim of the workshop was to introduce the concepts of innovation and scaling to the participants. Further, the team wanted to look at new ways of delivering and financing services and goods, as well as scaling existing solutions.

Experience board

Tiffany Aloi.jpg

Tiffany Tong, Co-founder, and CEO Aloi Nepal

The CSA team was our earliest believer! We wouldn’t have been able to survive one of the hardest parts of a startup’s journey -- the first 2 years -- without CSA’s mentoring, connections, and funding. With CSA’s support, we were able to run our first pilot, survive covid-lockdowns, and reach scale-up agreements. I’m also really glad to meet all the other social entrepreneurs in our cohort: they are fun, inspiring, and offer invaluable advice.

Let us talk about how we can support you in your social innovation process.

Civil society social innovation challenge 2019
A little sneak peek of our Social Innovation Challenge in India

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