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Live-Online Training

Leadership Essentials

Develop Yourself and Strengthen Vibrant Teams
The most valuable assets of every organization are the people. One of the key objectives of today’s leaders and managers is the empowerment of people, i.e. to make them more self-managed.

Civil Society has become a major force globally, and increasingly in developing countries. However, the pace of change and influence of civil society depends a lot on the capacity of civil society organizations and specifically their leaders. In this context, leadership plays a crucial role in organizational development, influence and ultimately the success of civil society actors in achieving social change and social justice.

In this training course you will learn about the ‘head, heart and hand’ of everyday leadership. It will deepen your understanding of why and how leadership and management skills are so critical to organizational success. The practical tools and concepts will help to develop yourself as well as high-performing teams. 

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