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Live-Online Training

Leadership Essentials

Develop Yourself and Strengthen Vibrant Teams
Since 2020, Leadership essentials has empowered over 200 civil society leaders and pioneers to unleash their full potential and strengthen their teams. Developed amidst the challenges of the pandemic, this training has proven to be a transformative learning platform for participants from across the world.

Are you a civil society leader or social pioneer with a drive to elevate your leadership skills and impact? Welcome to Leadership Essentials, our dynamic live-online training designed exclusively for individuals like you who aspire to lead and manage with purpose and effectiveness.


​In this training course you will learn about the ‘head, heart and hand’ of everyday leadership. It will deepen your understanding of why and how leadership and management skills are so critical to organizational success. The practical tools and concepts will help to develop yourself as well as high-performing teams.


The training will be facilitated by Sohini Paul, who along with other colleagues have led the Civil Society Academy for the last decade and has worked in civil society for nearly three decades.

time for self-reflection





training for

four days

1.5 Hours

each Session

ends with


expert facilitator


  • You will learn and exchange with a group of 10-15 like-minded civil society actors from around the world. 

  • You will participate in online games, debates and discussions in break-out rooms, fun exercises, self and group reflections and a plethora of other interactive online exercises and tools to internalize your learnings and habits. 

  • There will be deep dives into critical leadership aspects, such as communication skills, team performance and conflict management.

  • In our training you will have the opportunity to connect with both your peers and our facilitator for an immersive experience that will allow you to focus on building the essential skills you need to thrive as a leader and manager.


  • Team leadership and management which refers to successfully managing and guiding your team members.

  • Self-Leadership, an essential element of leadership development, because you can’t lead others unless you first lead yourself.

  • Daily management of motivating, supporting, inspiring and steering your team

  • Effective communication where you will discover how improving your communication skills can benefit your overall leadership and management style.

  • Management styles which will enable you to lead and manage your team members in such a manner that they become self-responsible and self-managed. We will delve into 4 management styles that you can use in your daily operations.

  • Phases of group development where we will look at the forming-storming-norming and performing model, as these phases are all necessary and inevitable for a team to grow, face challenges, tackle problems, find solutions and deliver results.

  • Decision-making processes in teams where the focus will be on methods of making decisions in teams so that there is a feeling of inclusivity, transparency and team bonding and collaboration.

  • Conflict Management where you will learn how to manage disputes at work using various conflict management styles and strategies after reflecting on the way you handle disagreements currently.

This course is designed for everyone working in civil society organizations who wants to learn the foundations of leadership and team management and build essential and crucial skills. We welcome participants from different positions, especially from middle management and from diverse departments, which create a rich mix of experience and perspectives.

This Impact Training includes

12 hours of training, split into four days into eight sessions | All training material | Impact Training Certificate. Daily from 2:00 PM until 5:30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST). 

Training Schedule 2024

Your Facilitators


SOhini Paul

As a facilitator and coach of Civil Society Academy, she has focused on providing trainings and workshops on leadership and team management in several countries across Asia and Africa. She also facilitates trainings on advocacy and human rights-based approach.  Sohini has a Social Science background with master’s degrees in Geography and Regional Planning. She is a certified Life and Leadership Coach. She has more than two decades of experience in the development sector, during which time she supported the work of numerous social change organizations, working on issues of local self-governance, right to information, and land rights. She has worked on capacity building of civil society organizations, from grassroots community groups to large networks.  Sohini is passionate about civil society strengthening and holds space for those who are ready to learn and be happy - this is reflected in her facilitation style.​​

Petra Speier-Werner_edited.png

Dr. Petra speier-werner

La mission de Petra est d‘être une source d‘inspiration et d‘amour qui tient un espace où chacune / chacun peut grandir et s‘épa- nouir pour devenir une créatrice / un créateur de sa vie avec ses propres règles. Petra a travaillé dans différents secteurs en Euro- pe, en Afrique, en Asie et en Amérique latine. En tant que psycho- logue organisationnelle, économiste, politologue et détentrice d’un doctorat en gestion du changement, ses formations, leçons et coaching sont nourris par son approche interdisciplinaire, in- terculturelle et surtout par l’amour. Sa conviction est que chaque personne est parfaite, complète, unique et bonne. Notre ego se met souvent en travers de la route!

Experience board
What fellow pioneers share about the training

Thomas Hoerz web.jpg

Thomas Hoerz, Area Manager, Somaliland, Welthungerhilfe

"It was very useful for myself-reflections on my own leadership style and my own values. More than for myself, I could reflect on the leadership and management strengths and weaknesses of the managers and leaders working in my programme. What impressed me clearly most was the competent, but always patient, and respectful moderation by Sohini."

Rakhi Sharma.jpg

Rakhi Sharma, Assistant to National Coordinator SHA, Kindernothilfe, India

"Well developed course with excellent trainer. Simply explaining the complex concepts, space for discussions in break-out rooms was most interesting. The course was extremely relevant in exploring self-leadership and improving my skills."

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