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Face-to-Face Training


How to influence policy makers and engage citizens for good governance 

Advocacy is all about influencing decision-makers, identifying issues on behalf of the disadvantaged, and providing solutions to these problems. It helps civil society make essential advancements to create a lasting positive change. Advocacy is crucial to have everyone's voice heard to develop the right solutions on the path to social justice. Social Accountability is an approach towards building accountability that relies on civic engagement and actions initiated by ordinary citizens and citizen groups in holding public officials and service providers accountable.


In this training, you will learn how advocacy and social accountability function within a rights based framework as tools for creating change. You will learn how to develop an advocacy strategy from the ground up, mobilize partnerships for advocacy, and manage the different aspects of the advocacy process using the advocacy canvas as a tool. You will also learn about social accountability tools and how to use them to assess quality of governance and make the case for change as well as what constitutes an enabling environment for social accountability. 

time for self-reflection





training on

four days

24 hours 

of training

ends with


expert facilitator


We use a variety of participatory tools and methodologies such as:


  • Reflections in break-out groups

  • Case Studies

  • Role-play

  • Videos

  • Toolbox


  • Good Governance and the Governance Triangle

  • Power Walk to Map Experience and Competencies in Advocacy

  • Conducting Collaborative Context Analysis Using a Simple Template

  • Generation of Insights and Prioritization of Advocacy Issues

  • The Advocacy Canvas and Essential Elements of the Advocacy Strategy

  • The Service Assessment Diamond

  • Tools for Social Accountability

  • Roadmap to operationalize Advocacy and Social Accountability

After the training you will be able to

  • Develop an effective advocacy strategy that will take your initiative to the next level.

  • Build partnerships to achieve your advocacy goal

  • Exercise improved communication and networking skills

This course is designed for leaders and staff of civil society organizations with intentions to enhance citizen engagement, improve governance and thus build a robust social fabric

Schedule & Pricing

Training Fee

Regular fee

EUR 400 p.P*

For groups of 4 or more

EUR 360 p.P*

*MODE OF PAYMENT: CREDIT CARD OR BANK TRANSFER​ | Special discounts for National NGOs

This Training includes

24 hours of training, split into four days into sixteen sessions | A package with all the training material | Impact Training Advocacy | Lunch, drinks and snacks.

Training Schedule 2024

No events at the moment

Your Facilitators

Retta (1).jpg

Retta Menberu

Retta Menberu Woldetsadik (M.D., MSc) stands up for civil society-state dynamics, good governance, advocacy, and a rights-based approach to development. Since 2018 he has been part of CSA, built up, and leads the Africa office to advocate for change and empower the youth. After working more than two decades in development and health leadership, as a trainer, researcher, and consultant in clinical medicine and public health, Retta developed himself to a broader development leadership and facilitation role by operating as Country Director for ActionAid International, and as regional Strategy Adviser for Rush Foundation. Additionally to his work with CSA, he works as a coordinator, researcher, adviser, and facilitator of international development and humanitarian organizations, alliances, and multi-actor partnerships in diverse contexts across Africa, Asia, and Europe.



Helina’s eclectic skillset and interests have led her on a meandering path cutting across a global consulting firm, a publishing collective, a feminist social enterprise, and organizations working in the development sector. As a Coordinator for CSA Africa, she now works on gradually nurturing the entity into an impactful changemaker in the local civil society ecosystem and beyond. She values the inspired vision and progressive values of CSA and finds herself at home in training spaces where collective knowledge is woven into meaningful strategy. She spends the rest of her time on creative outlets and cultivating meaning, knowledge, and connection.

experience board
What fellow pioneers share about the training

Ashmita Pandey_edited.jpg

Ashmita Pandey, Programme Officer,


“Before this course, I was unfamiliar with advocacy and rights-based approaches as I mainly work on agricultural issues. I was also unaware of my own country Nepal's laws, regulations, legal systems, governance, etc. Now I realize the importance of advocacy and its approaches and will definitely take it up in my organization.”

Rozina Sultana_edited.jpg

Rozina Sultana (former) Programme Coordinator,


“This course has inspired me to come up with new innovative ideas for my project which has a strong focus on advocacy.”

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