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Face-to-Face Training


Build collective power and collaborative culture to transform complex development challenges

Many in the development sector understand the need to build a coalition to address some of the recalcitrant development bottlenecks. The problem most face is in translating this basic understanding into action. What are the key principles that underlie successful coalitions? How do you articulate a shared identity and vision? How do you nurture a functioning structure? How do you share roles, resources and risks in a coalition? How do you sustain motivation and commitment across the membership? How do you measure progress and harvest success?


The ‘Partnership and Coalition Building’ training is specifically designed to provide answers for these and more questions faced by leaders and organizations.

time for self-reflection





training on

four days

24 hours 

of training

ends with


expert facilitator


We use a variety of participatory tools and methodologies such as:


  • Reflections in break-out groups

  • Case Studies

  • Role-play

  • Videos

  • Toolbox

Key Topics of the training

  • The need to work in a coalition and articulate a clear shared vision and identity

  • Setting up effective structures and agile decision-making processes

  • Collaboration culture: Sharing responsibilities, resources, and risks in a coalition

  • Harvesting and celebrating achievements, and learning in a coalition

  • How to assess the health and maturity of a coalition

After the training you will be able to

  • Build effective and impactful partnerships and coalitions 

  • Articulate the shared vision that underlies successful partnerships and coalitions 

  • Effectively share roles, resources, and risks inherent in partnerships 

  • Sustain shared commitment and motivation 

  • Leverage partnerships and coalitions for a bigger impact

This training is for everyone working in civil society organizations who wants to learn how to form effective partnerships and build functional coalitions and leverage them for a bigger impact.

Schedule & Pricing

Training Fee

Regular fee

EUR 400 p.P*

20 Early Bird Discount. Code: PCB20

EUR 320 p.P*

*MODE OF PAYMENT: CREDIT CARD OR BANK TRANSFER​ | Special discounts for National NGOs

This Training includes

24 hours of training, split into four days into sixteen sessions | A package with all the training material | Impact Training Advocacy | Lunch, drinks and snacks.

Training Schedule 2024

Your Facilitators

Retta (1).jpg

Retta Menberu

Retta Menberu Woldetsadik (M.D., MSc) stands up for civil society-state dynamics, good governance, advocacy, and a rights-based approach to development. Since 2018 he has been part of CSA, built up, and leads the Africa office to advocate for change and empower the youth. After working more than two decades in development and health leadership, as a trainer, researcher, and consultant in clinical medicine and public health, Retta developed himself to a broader development leadership and facilitation role by operating as Country Director for ActionAid International, and as regional Strategy Adviser for Rush Foundation. Additionally to his work with CSA, he works as a coordinator, researcher, adviser, and facilitator of international development and humanitarian organizations, alliances, and multi-actor partnerships in diverse contexts across Africa, Asia, and Europe.

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