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Face-to-Face Training

Leadership and team management

Become an empathetic leader and empower your team

In a time of uncertainty and increasing complexity,
leadership is no longer tied to a few charismatic
individuals at the top. it is rather a shared responsibility in our communities and societies. 

In today’s world, leadership has moved beyond just focusing on the professional running of organizations and teams. Leaders in Civil Society need to engage effectively in a complex, chaotic, and changing world, and at the same time have the competence to facilitate teams or partnerships to achieve a common goal.

In this training, you will learn fundamental concepts of leadership and team management. You have the opportunity to reflect about yourself and others. It will enable you to lead and manage your team better, stimulate team spirit, decrease conflicts, and enhance team performance. You will learn key concepts of communication, and adapt habits of selfmanagement that will make you a more empathetic and effective person. In essence, this training will help you to perform better as a leader and to move forward in your career.

training on

four days

16 Sessions of 1.5 hours

time for self-reflection



24 hours of


ends with


expert facilitator


We use a diversity of engaging facilitation methods:

  • Role-plays and games

  • Group discussions and debates

  • Inspirational videos and quotes

  • Case studies

  • Self-reflection exercises

  • Performance management assessment tools

  • Games

  • Day-to-day management assessment tool

  • Analysis of your team members and their culture

  • Motivational exercises

Key TOPICs of the training

  • Own vision, strategies, and values

  • Self-, team, and organizational leadership

  • Leadership styles

  • Connect tasks and people, ignite ideas, and inspire and motivate action

  • Effective communication

  • Active listening, powerful questioning

  • Empathy, Synergy, and Win-Win

  • Coaching as a leader

After the training you will be able to

  • Refine your personal leadership purpose

  • Differentiate your strengths and weaknesses as a leader

  • Work on improving your leadership style with a picture for yourself in your mind

  • Establish trust and accountability through effective communication

  • Face workplace challenges in a more strategic way

  • Inspire and motivate your team in the long-term

  • Enhance team performance through new coaching skills


This Impact Training is designed for everyone working in Civil Society organizations in leadership positions as well as a prospective leader and manager, a newcomer who aspires to become a team leader in the future, a social start-up leader, and a social entrepreneur.

Training Schedule 2024

Your Facilitators

Sohini new.jpg


Sohini has a Social Science background with master degrees in Geography and Regional Planning. She is a certified Life and Leadership Coach. She has more than two decades of experience in the development sector supporting the work of many social change organizations on issues of local self-governance, right to information, and land rights. She has worked on capacity building of civil society organizations, from grassroots community groups to large networks. Sohini is passionate about civil society strengthening and holds space for those who are enthusiastic and ready to learn - this is reflected in her facilitation style.

Retta (1)_edited.jpg

Retta Menberu

Retta Menberu Woldetsadik (M.D., MSc) stands up for civil society-state dynamics, good governance, advocacy, and a rights-based approach to development.​ Since 2018 he has been part of CSA, built up, and leads the Africa office to advocate for change and empower the youth.After working more than two decades in development and health leadership, as a trainer, researcher, and consultant in clinical medicine and public health, Retta developed himself to a broader development leadership and facilitation role by operating as Country Director for ActionAid International, and as regional Strategy Adviser for Rush Foundation. Additionally to his work with CSA, he works as a coordinator, researcher, adviser, and facilitator of international development and humanitarian organizations, alliances, and multi-actor partnerships in diverse contexts across Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Joachim Schwarz (2)_edited.jpg

Joachim Schwarz

Joachim's mission is to support like-minded civil society actors and social entrepreneurs to become more powerful and innovative. This mission drove him to leave his NGO career, focussing on his passion for social justice and building the civil society academy in 2014. Since then, he has been developing individually designed concepts and new training formats to empower social pioneers to kick-start their projects in a more efficient and future-proof way. Based in Berlin, his heart beats for Africa and Asia, where he lived for two decades and coached individuals and organizations on social innovation, leadership, organizational change, and advocacy for the past eight years.

Schedule & Pricing

Experience board
What fellow pioneers share about the training

This Training includes

24 hours of training, split into four days into sixteen sessions | A package with all the training material | Impact Training Certificate Leadership and Team Management | Lunch, drinks and snacks.

Training Fee

Location: Germany

EUR 650 p.P*

Location: Ethiopia, Laos, Cambodia

EUR 400 p.P*

*MODE OF PAYMENT: CREDIT CARD OR BANK TRANSFER | 10% discounts for groups of 4 or more

Sofia Olsson.jpg

Sofia Olsson, Country Director for Nepal at FCA

“The training provided a variety of good tools, and it has given me new insights and instruments to apply to my everyday work as a leader. I particularly enjoyed the exercise on deriving our own core values.”

Fareed Bajai.jpg

Fareed Bajai, Finance Manager, PARSA Afghanistan

“The most interesting part is that the knowledge of each day reflects on some parts of your daily work. After attending the training, I feel much better equipped and confident at work.”

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