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Together we can turn ideas into reality

How do we co-create in a partnership?

We are passionate about collaboration and believe that together, we can co-create and scale solutions for a better world - where human rights and social justice is a reality.

If your organisation has an inspiring challenge, good technical capacities and the ability to effectively collaborate, then we might be a match. We bring an inspiring forward perspective to the table, as well as excellent innovation and scaling capacities. We do not fund (!) but we will do everything to make our collective solution successful.

Let us create values, join hands, and find answers and innovative solutions to tackle complex social challenges. Together we can bring ideas to life. 

Our current co-creation projects

The Youth Empowerment Academy (YEP)
Focus: Environmental Justice

The Youth Empowerment Academy is a social initiative of Save Cambodia’s Wildlife and the Civil Society Academy. Save Cambodias Wildlife (SWC) is a leading environmental NGO in Cambodia, working towards nature and wildlife habitat protection. Inspiring each other since 2014, SCW and the CSA developed the idea to launch a “Green Youth Development Program.” Driven by the conviction that an environmentally just future relies on the young generation. Their needs and challenges must be considered and addressed, SCW and CSA started to identify lasting solutions. Using the innovative methodology of design-thinking, SCW and CSA developed the YEP-Academy and its first products in 2020. With support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the YEP-Academy was launched in 2021. They strive to become a critical part of the South-East-Asian ecosystem that inspires young people to upshift their talent and make a difference for current and future generations towards environmental justice.

Community Leadership Program - Power to Community Leaders 

In 2019 Civil Society Academy Co-Created the Community Leadership Program together with the partners Center for Youth and Social Development (CYSD), Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN) and Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendrain (SSK) in India.

The program focused on nurturing the leadership qualities within the community leaders. The target groups of this program were leaders in underprivileged communities, development organizations, and their facilitators.

Impact Cards.jpg
Impact Cards - 100k ways to change the world!

How will you change the world? Use our combination game and social change methodology to explore 100k ways to change the world!

Joachim and Hans are both fans of the St. Gallen Business Navigator. Innovation scientists at St. Gallen University discovered that all innovative business ideas can actually be traced back to a combination of 55 pre-existing business models, which they then presented in a set of cards. ​Innovators in business can proactively play with these 55 models - and revolutionise their business.


​But Joachim and Hans had something else in mind, they wondered: How can we bring this idea to the world of social impact? 

They spend years collecting models of social change in three card sets that can be combined to explore ways to change the world. There is a Purpose Deck with 42 cards, An Impact Deck with 49 cards and a Resource Deck with 37 cards. To make Impact Cards more useful for organisational change processes, a Culture Deck was added lately.  All is free for download here. 


Partner: Hans Rusinek, PHD Student at ST. Gallen University

Governance Triangle.jpg
Advocacy and Social Accountability Toolbox

This toolbox gives activists, advocates and development practitioners some critical and tested concepts, strategies, and processes that can enrich your advocacy campaigns and social accountability initiatives. It includes: 


The toolbox is a collaborative project between Welthungerhilfe and the Civil Society Academy, and it has been financially supported by the German Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation.

Co-creation partners

We can't wait to hear from you. Send us a message and share your idea.

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