Your Challenge, Your context.
Our expertise, Our experience.

We believe that together we can transform your challenge in your context into something positive and impactful.

We understand that every team and organization works in different contexts and faces specific challenges.
Especially during the last two years, civil society realized that the world we live in is undergoing a profound transformation. These unexpected circumstances have shaken structures and systems built by humans and believed safe. Many things that we took for granted are beginning to dissolve. 

The "old" no longer exists, and the "new" is not tangible yet. The interconnectedness and vulnerabilities of global complex systems that have made the modern world function in the last decades - have never been more apparent. Complexity will continue to be an essential factor in a constantly changing world. Civil Society organizations who can handle the complexity can react to the unforeseen because they have more room to navigate. 

Together with you, we enter an in-depth engagement with your organization. Our various Customized Services address your team's and your organization's needs and uniqueness. Our portfolio includes customized workshops that make a difference, organizational strategies, effective advocacy campaigning, and design thinking workshops to create ground-breaking products or services. 

We deeply engage with the social pioneers in those initiatives and we take multiple roles to support: as trainers, mentors, coaches, facilitators, and advisors


Advocacy Planning and Campaigning

We support you in mainstreaming the human rights-based approach in your programs and projects through our capacity building and process support. We build capacities in helping you develop your advocacy campaigns using our innovative "canvas methodology' and take you through a detailed contextual analysis. 

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Leadership and

We help leadership teams with our coaching and training to grow strategically, to lead successfully and emphatically. Our individual services can be everything from a 360-degree journey through your organization or a 1-1 coaching with different team members. 



Managing quick and agile innovation and scaling processes is replacing old-school research and development, also in many NGOs. If you want your organization to stay ahead and master future challenges, you will have to adapt. 

We look forward to meeting you on individual topics.

To get the full picture, we will arrange free-of-charge meetings to listen to your challenges and context. Based on the identified results and expectations, we will send you an individualized concept and financial offer for your customized service.

We work with different organizations on long term and short term solutions

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