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Our definition of Civil Society:

Civil Society is the arena outside of the family, the state, and the market, which is created by individual and collective actions in the form of organizations and institutions to advance shared interests, goals and values. A vibrant civil society is important for a strong civic culture and trust between citizens and society.

It is “recognized as a diverse and ever-wider ecosystem of individuals, communities and organizations”. It includes NGOs, diverse grassroots formations, associations of women, youth, and farmers, sports associations like football clubs, trade unions, teachers' associations, advocacy networks, and online communities amongst others.

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The Essence of Civil Society:

A strong civil society weaves communities together, fostering stability, creativity, and mutual support. It serves as a crucial watchdog, monitoring the state and private sectors, championing citizens' rights, and offering diverse services. A vibrant civil society acts as a safety net for the vulnerable, promoting peace, democracy, and societal progress.

At the Civil Society Academy International, we believe developing civil society is in everybody’s interest. It can be exciting and rewarding. It brings us closer together. It makes a society more resilient and progressive at the same time.


The Struggle Against Suppression:

However, in many countries stifling media and civil society is a daily reality, stunting the growth of the social fabric. This has real implications for the lives of billions of people: their voices are muted, their rights in question and leaving billions with limited avenues for redress.


The Civil Society Academy International is steadfast in its commitment to fight for human rights, particularly upholding Articles 19 and 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights — the freedom of opinion and expression, and the freedom of peaceful assembly. These rights are the bedrock upon which civil society flourishes.


Championing Exceptional Leadership:

The cornerstone of positive change and a robust social fabric lies in the hands of caring and passionate leaders. Today’s conscious and determined youth are potential leaders of tomorrow, yet many face circumstances that divert them from this trajectory.

The Civil Society Academy International enthusiastically supports activists, pioneers, and social entrepreneurs, even amidst adversity. We strive to create a nurturing ecosystem offering networking opportunities, training, and coaching. Our goal is to empower a new generation of leaders to fully realize their potential.


Nurturing the Social Fabric:

Like businesses and state institutions, the civil society can be consciously designed and developed. It presents a creative challenge fueled by the boundless desire for change and problem-solving exhibited by pioneers and social entrepreneurs.

At the Civil Society Academy, we revel in provoking and facilitating processes that foster civil society development. From understanding the policy landscape and citizens’ concerns to designing and developing initiatives, organizations, and coalitions, we are dedicated to cultivating a resilient and interconnected society.


Meet the Team

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