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Live-Online Training

advocacy campaigning

Develop an effective campaign for your cause
Advocacy is all about influencing decision-makers, identifying issues on behalf of the disadvantaged, and providing solutions to these problems. It helps civil society make essential advancements to create a lasting positive change. Advocacy is crucial to have everyone's voice heard to develop the right solutions on the path to social justice.

Good advocacy can have a far greater impact than other intervention types, such as service delivery.  Advocacy can be "large scale," i.e., advocating for policy change towards governments, or "smaller-scale," such as advocating for better services delivery in communities or better leadership at a communal level.


Our Impact Training on "Advocacy Campaigning" is your introduction to advocacy work. It will prepare you to take on an influential advocacy role on any issue. The training will help you develop fundamental advocacy skills and familiarize you with advocacy tools, strategies, and tactics. At the end of the training, you will confidently contribute to your campaign.

time for self-reflection





training on

four days

1.5 Hours

each Session

ends with


expert facilitator


In this course, you will work in

  • Discussions in break-out rooms,

  • Simulations,

  • Role-Plays,

  • Self and Group Reflections,

  • Interactive Online Tools.


Throughout the training, you will have hands-on experience in using the



to develop your campaign. 

Key TOPICs of the training

In the training we are going to discuss issues about

  • How to collectively develop an advocacy strategy 

  • The understanding of how advocacy works

  • How to implement advocacy campaigns

After the training you will be able to

  • ​Work with the Advocacy Canvas to develop an advocacy campaign for your cause or organization

  • Understand the concept of Advocacy

  • Analyze the external environment and policy processes to process “levers of influence”

  • Identify your causes and core issues to develop a fitting advocacy strategy

This course is designed for everyone working in civil society organizations who wants to learn the foundations of advocacy and build skills for designing advocacy campaigns.

Training Fee

For groups of 4 or more

EUR 280 p.P*

EUR 252 p.P*


Schedule & Pricing

This Impact Training includes

12 hours of training, split into four days into eight sessions | All training material and reader | Impact Training Certificate. Daily from 2:00 PM until 5:30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST). 

Training Schedule 2024

No upcoming events at the moment

Your Facilitator

Sohini Paul

facilitator, trainer and coach

Sohini has a Social Science background with master degrees in Geography and Regional Planning. She is a certified Life and Leadership Coach. She has more than two decades of experience in the development sector supporting the work of many social change organizations on issues of local self-governance, right to information, and land rights. She has worked on capacity building of civil society organizations, from grassroots community groups to large networks. Sohini is passionate about civil society strengthening and holds space for those who are enthusiastic and ready to learn - this is reflected in her facilitation style.

Experience board
What fellow pioneers share about the training


Sofia Minetto, Communications Officer, ESUPS Project, Welthungerhilfe, Germany

"This training was very useful. We were able to grasp the basic principles of advocacy and most importantly to work on a draft advocacy canvas for our project."

Anthony Kibata.jpg

Anthony Kibata, Programme Coordinator, Welthungerhilfe, Kenya

"Well-developed course with an excellent trainer. Simply explaining the complex concepts, and space for discussions in break-out rooms was most interesting. The course was extremely relevant in exploring self-leadership and improving my skills."

Guyo Denge.jpg

Guyo Denge, Executive Director, CIFA, Ethiopia

"I realized that advocacy is the most important tool for enhancing the scope of understanding or awareness on any issue."

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