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Live-Online Training

Roadmap to a Human Rights Based Approach 

An introduction training to apply an HRBA to your program and organization

The Human Rights-Based Approach works to fulfill people's rights and focuses on those who are marginalized and discriminated. They are the key actors in their development, and they need your support. This training empowers you to help them reach a socially just life.

HRBA is a conceptual framework for the development process that is based on international human rights standards. Such an approach integrates these standards and principles into program development processes to promote and protect human rights.


During the past two decades, human rights have been increasingly incorporated into the development plan, including adopting a human rights-based approach. This approach seeks to analyze discrimination and inequalities at the heart of development problems and transform these practices and the underlying power dynamics. Discrimination and exclusion regarding access to resources and decision-making are often root causes of poverty and may contribute to tensions and conflicts. It is a paradigm shift, shifting the notion of development from charity to one based on rights and corresponding obligations. This paradigm shift, which led to the HRBA, stems from the experience of many NGOs and development organizations that the traditional welfare model of development cooperation is not sustainable.  

The Civil Society Academy training Roadmap to a Human Rights Based Approach for Programming will help you to gain an understanding on the concept of the Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) to development and the core principles guiding HRBA. It will help you to apply HRBA to programming including the assessment and analysis to empower communities so that they can advocate for better services.

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