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Power To Social Pioneers

We are a global social startup with the mission to make social justice happen
We believe that social pioneers & civil society leaders, activists & development enthusiasts are the ones driving the change.
- We support you! -
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You look for

  • Online Courses

    Develop your skills and grow your impact through our online courses

  • Short-term Tailormade

    From process facilitation to product design, and coaching - tailored to you 

  • Longterm Tailormade

    Longterm support to civil society organisations on OD, Leadership, Innovation & scaling

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How we create value

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    Top-quality facilitation and excellent coaching for individuals and teams working in civil society
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    Intensive experience working with high-impact and purpose-driven civil society organisations globally
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    We focus on self-reflection and use design thinking tools to help you grow and accelerate impact

“We had a plan, to begin with, but didn’t have the clarity on how to go through it step by step. That is where CSA's constant engagement has helped us.”

Priyanka, Ekjut India

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We embrace diversity

Our Team

We are a group of diverse individuals who are driven by the passion to create sustainable actions.


We love excellence! This is why we work with great facilitators to bring you the best possible experience. 

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  • Online Course

    Develop your skills and grow your impact through our online courses - at your convenience.

  • CSA Library

    Our facilitator's library for trainings and session plans. Explore our collection of tools and templates

  • Tools and Ideas

    Our special selection of powerful tools and ideas for impactful and curious civil society organisations.

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