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#8: Buko Balanite Organic Oil


Edited: May 1

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Concept: Buko Balanite Organic Oil



Team: Moses


This is a well thought concept, feasible and relevant to South Sudan where the raw materia is in abundance. In addition to being nutritious, it can also be used to locally manufacture soap. This is so brilliant and encouraging in terms of innovation

This is so amazing! South Sudan at current entirely depend on imports, such initiative will not only benefit a particular community but also the entire country. The country already has the potential of Balanites, the product itself is healthy (variety of heath benefits) . Hence,its highly recommende!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

This is a good project and it will economical empower women and those involved in the production. Good luck

May 2Edited: May 2

Given that the raw materials are available and the production of the same is already ongoing; an idea to support them will improve their productivity, sales and empower the women economically in the long run.

An amazing concept that is readily sustainable. The benefits to rural women is immense. This concept will employ rural women and youth, thereby creating jobs, stimulate local production thereby inject directly into local economy. Great idea that fits into goal 8 of sustainable development goals encouraging decent work and economic growth.

This stands out and very interesting!! can't wait to see it coming to reality.

This is a brilliant concept more interestingly, training rural women to realize the potentiality of their land and the local resources around in order to empower them financially.

This superb project that ought to be supported because it's very organic in nature, lalok has many benefits. Brother you have my 100% votes but also we need to sensitize our people of their destructive behavior of cutting down this very important species of trees as they normally said LALOK charcoal are the best👏

This is a well thought concept that will surely provide the rural women an alternative means to earn income for sustaining their families thus fighting extreme poverty among the rural women of South Sudan which is inline with SDGs.

This is a good concept as it Will help rural women to get some money to cater for their children.

We support a similar initiative in Malawi, on Baobab value chain. We have contacts with plant extract companies. The concept is really great, and the plant extract sector fascinating. I will be very interested in knowing more about the idea, and find out how can I support the initiative.

Daniel get in touch with me for more information sharing.

Perfect. This is not another one but the best idea so far. Thanks for putting together this thoughts. It is a project that would really be of impact and empower women and reducing risk of SGBV. Best to be supported! Great job guys.

Given the plenty supply of Bukos in Terekeka, this project carries the value in empowering women and is sustainable. It requires little inputs and will definitely produce large returns

For me a classical concept which is already existing many time in social business, but having new elements. Great and thought through! But so far looking more on the production-side, or? But what is the added value? Where ist the marketing? Why should somebody buy this product? Marketing need to be also "C-Orientied": context, customer value, conenet, convenience, communication, cooperate and costs. Would be great to get such aspects considered to get an entire picture of Buko Balanite Organic Oil.


Thank you very much Reber for your input,the concept is not really so much into production only when it comes to practical implementation. Looking into the marketing aspect,we have already covered it when you read the second point with regard to market accessibility,it include marketing, branding,packaging,facilities like a shop where the products will be available for sale.

@Moses Prince Thanks. But marketing, branding, packaging is not enough. Already at this stahe I would suggest to you to think about the question: why should somebody buy your product? What is the added value? In marketing you have to create benfits for customers...what ist the benefit of your customer to purchase Buko Balanite Organic Oil?

What a marvellous intreprenuerial idea! Moses, following your concept in the presentation, I can see that you have an ideal impression that would really empower your target group (women) economically, socially and improve on their technical skills to better not only them directly but also the entire society indirectly.


Mechanising the process, improving ways of collecting the raw materials (locally known as Laloks), brandishing, sensitisation of the society about nutritious values got from the products, strategic training of all the stakeholders, big production plan, finanacial management etc would increase the sustainability and reliability of this project to suit the local needs. In addition, should you think of expanding or industrialised the project to a megha level, then there is need to care and increase the plants as well as sourcing alternative raw materials from multi locations and countries for constant suppl.


You have indeed thought strategically on empowering those stakeholders from within the environment and possibly at low cost.


This is a well elaborated, sustainable and impactful idea that I strongly recommend.

Very timely and can increase the prospects of rooting for not only saving the Balanite tree from being cut down but also possible investment in Balanite tree growing across the country as a cash crop that can inordinately turn around the economy of South Sudan by virtue of its impact on the lives of rural women.

This is a very good project, I believe the concept of the project was driver from facts on ground that when this happened to be funded and implemented then it will create jobs to the women in the community.


In South Sudan women have been neglected when it comes to white color jobs, based on their social responsibility in their communities they comes from, thus this idea will create jobs and have impact on self reliance to the lifestyle change were mothers can now generate incomes and pay their children in school and can as well contribute to the economy of the Country .


Mr. Moses we hope your dreams comes through so that this project can change life's of women in South Sudan when they were made productive through such initiative .

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