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Launching the Training of Facilitators

Photo by Civil Society Academy

In response to increased demand for short-term training courses that improve and sharpen the capacity of participants to develop, facilitate and manage trainings and workshops, the Civil Society Academy (CSA) has launched two courses that aim at training of facilitators (ToF) – one with a thematic focus on effective food and nutrition security interventions and the other one with a strong emphasis on leadership and management. Both courses took place in August in India and Cambodia and were highly appreciated by trainees. On the last day, many participants expressed their interest in attending more courses of the CSA, which in turn inspired and encouraged the academy to develop further effective trainings and workshops in the future.

Below are some glimpses of the TOFs in Nepal (Facilitating Trainings and Workshops for Effective Food and Nutrition Security Interventions) and in Thailand (Facilitating short-term Training on Leadership and Management):

Why Training of Facilitators and not – as we know it – Training of Trainers?

The term “facilitator”/“facilitation” is more appropriate to reflect the training approach that the Civil Society Academy promotes.

Facilitators are first and foremost experts in facilitation rather than subject matter specialists. This means that they support the strengthening of participants’ capacity and learning in a group of peers. Facilitators (i) create spaces and processes that generate a conducive learning and working atmosphere, (ii) support active exchange among participants, (iii) allow for extensive practical exercises and (iv) promote the application of the learning and working results that are immediately reflected during the training. In addition, facilitators who are subject matter specialists may also provide technical input(s) to complement participants’ own expertise.

If you want to know more about other training courses that we provide, please go to List of open trainings.

About the Author:

Trang Nguyen has a degree in Social Sciences and has worked in different development organisations, including a research institute, in Germany, Vietnam, and India. She is a full-time staff at CSA and her roles include marketing communication, IT-infrastructure, team and happiness, as well as facilitation. Trang is a young, creative and forward-thinking person who loves to learn, share and connect with like-minded and peers.


If you would like to give feedback, or you are interested in our courses or support.

Please contact: Trang Nguyen

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