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Enough is enough: Undernutrition contributes to the death of 3 million children under the age of 5 years every year.


It is a scandal: 800 million people in the world still do not have enough food to lead a healthy and active life.


We believe that innovation is the key to unlock new promising ideas to combat hunger and social injustice.

Our Focus
Our Focus
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Zero Hunger can be achieved by 2030 if:


  • Governments and the international community do significantly more to guarantee rights and essential public services for everyone. This includes specifically gender, land and labour rights as well as public services related to health, nutrition, and basic benefits for the most vulnerable groups.

  • Together we innovate, transfer and scale solutions that help guaranteeing such rights and improve the access, quality and accountability of public services.

Challenges to you
Challenges to you

Challenge 1How might we support rural women and their families to access public services that truly help them escape hunger and injustice?​

Solutions that...

  • Support vulnerable women improving their awareness, access and quality of services and help ensuring their rights at the local level

  • Improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of state services

  • Provide radical alternatives to current models of service delivery

Challenge 2: How might we support social activists and concerned citizens to become more powerful in combating hunger and injustice?

Solutions that...

  • Magnify the voice of concerned citizens, social activists and their constituency to influence state policies at all levels

  • Provide radical and effective alternatives to existing advocacy or campaign methods

  • Support the international community in developing and enforcing global standards related to hunger and injustice

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After a careful selection process, 30 out of more than 900 applicants were invited to a 5-day design workshop in New Delhi, where the top 12 innovators eventually pitched their ideas to an audience of social activists and innovators from all over the globe.

We are looking for
We look for
  • Creative people that have a passion for Zero Hunger and Social Justice

  • Doers, that can take ideas forward

  • Visionaries with different skills and from different backgrounds - from smaller and larger Civil Society organisations, from Businesses and State actors

  • Innovators with great ideas relevant to the challenge in Africa and Asia

What awaits you
What awaits you
10 FAQs
  • What´s the Social Innovation Challenge?
    The Social Innovation Challenge is a collective effort of Civil Society Academy, Welthungerhilfe and Impact Hub. Through the Challenge, we aim at developing ground-breaking innovations to tackle hunger and social injustice over the next 18 months. The process includes the application of innovators on two specific challenges, a design thinking process, development of prototypes as well as piloting of the most promising solutions. We do not need a sophisticated proposal! Answering a few questions and submit a 3-minute video or a mood-board that illustrates your passion and creative skills is all you need to enter the race!
  • How do I know that I am eligible to apply?
    We are looking for people with great ideas relevant to the challenges, or are in an early stage of developing solutions. Moreover: Creative people that have a passion for Zero Hunger and Social Justice Doers, that can take ideas forward A diverse set of people with different skills and from different backgrounds - from smaller and larger Civil Society organisations, from Businesses and State actors Check out FAQs or write us:
  • What happens after my online registration?
    You will receive an email confirmation with instructions about the upload location for your Video or Moodboard.
  • What are the criteria for the Video or Mood Board?
    The Video or Mood Board should address following criteria: a. Your understanding of Zero Hunger in the context of social justice b. Your target group and your ideas or approaches to solve their social justice issues c. The potential impact of your ideas of solutions on social justice & zero hunger d. Your or your team's capacity
  • When is the deadline for application?
    You should submit your application latest by 4 February 2019. It will take about 30 days for our team to review and select candidates to be invited to the next round.
  • When will I get to know whether I am invited to the Design Workshop or not?
    We will share the decison with you by 1 March 2019.
  • I got an invite to the Design Workshop, what happens next?"
    You will get an e-mail from us with further details regarding the venue, logistics and preparation for the Design Workshop.
  • What costs will be covered during the first phase of the challenge?
    We will organise the venue and accommodation for you during the workshop. Further, the invitation also covers your air fares and/or train fares to the venue.
  • What kind of support will Civil Society Academy (CSA) provide?
    Apart from start-up stipends of up to 40,000 EURO for the 4 best innovation concepts, we will provide you with coaching, training, co-working space, and networking opportunities. We will back you up with our networks and support system so that your innovation can thrive and is ready for scale.
  • What is a pitch?
    A pitch is a brief presentation of your concept or prototype. This is a chance for you to spark with your creativity and innovative solution.
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Innovation at Civil Society Academy

We champion and advocate for a just and equal world, and spend all our time harnessing the superpower abilities of social pioneers, innovators and civil society leaders to fast track radical system transformation. Being a fast growing social start-up ourselves initiated by Welthungerhilfe in 2014, we know the transformative power of ideas and what it takes to bring them to life. Over the years we have also developed a strong reputation for strengthening and deepening local participative social innovation processes and championing the role of the third sector in radical system transformation discourses.

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