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Less hierarchies and more responsibility

We work in an incredibly dynamic and volatile environment. We love change and flexibility. And we know that things often behave differently than they should. Conclusion: working by the book is not what we need and not what we stand for. As a team we want to express ourselves in a meaningful way, organize ourselves individually, and develop our focus areas in the best possible way.

At some point, the daily work routine becomes so ingrained that you no longer think outside the box. But it is important to question the basis, the own management system every now and then: Is it still appropriate to think and work in hierarchies? Aren't we promoting inequality and role models that are redundant in today's world? Civil societies live on equality and participation, but traditional management systems do not emphasize this, to the contrary. They are mirroring conventional power structures and hierarchies. 

We felt that the traditional hierarchy systems and top-down leadership were no longer the solution for us. Therefore, we searched for a more experimental and free approach and chose to change our organizational culture to the concept of Holacracy in 2016.


Today, everyone in our organization is fully accountable, ownership is strong, and we follow everyone’s individual path to create the best possible impact. We believe that through more ownership and fewer hierarchies, organizations can strengthen themselves. It is no longer just about decision-makers but about the whole social fabric within the organization. 

communicate and work
on eye-level.


Watch the video and learn more
about the concept of Holacracy

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