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Resilient Leadership 

Navigate through complexity

The course

The interconnectedness and vulnerabilities of global complex systems that made the world function in the last decades - have never been more apparent. Suddenly a small virus brought a whole world to a lockdown, created organizational recessions with huge social disruptions. Covid-19 has shown, that organizations in a complex world - which is constantly changing - are fragile. If you want to make yourself and your organization ready to respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruption, you need to increase your resilience. Those who handle complexity with resilient leadership are best able to react to the unforeseen, as they have more room to navigate.

The training course will embark on a journey on your individual resilience. It will enable you to translate your individual resilience into organizational resilience and how to manage complexity. With our unique methodology we will bring the theoretical topic of complexity and resilience into practical and reflective tools. This course will deepen your leadership competencies and how to navigate your organization in such complex world.

Each course includes 8 online sessions speading over 4 consecutive days. Each day includes two sessions. One session is of 1 hour and 30 minutes duration.

For whom:

The course is designed for self-aware, proficient and passionate leaders of civil society organizations or social enterprises, who want to increase their resilience and navigate their organizations in a complex world.

Course fees*:

EUR 550/ person (plus VAT for EU residence)

*Special Discounts for groups and CSA alumni

15% group discount: 4 or more registrations from one organization

10% individual discount: For CSA alumni


  • Receive a Certificate of


  • You can apply for the Exceptional Level

  • You will receive all the materials used during the training 

  • You will become a part of CSA alumni community 

​What you'll learn

  • The coherent relation between individual and organizational resilience 

  • Gain greater habits to increase your individual resilience 

  • Identification of the driver and tensions of your organizational resilience 

  • Understanding the responsibility of managing complexity in agile organizations: using the Viable System Modell 

  • To be prepared for the future: bring your insights into practice 

Leadership course.jpg

Session Plan

Day 1

Session 1: Welcome and Introduction

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Learning Zones
  • The navigation tool for the workshop

Session 2: Coherence sphere of Individual and Organizational Resilience

  • Understanding resilience
  • The 4ks of resilience
  • Your key insights

Day 3

Session 5: Introduction into complexity

  • Complexity and disruption
  • Complexity and advantages of viable organizations

Session 6: Viable System Modell I

  • Development of optimal adaptability to a dynamic environment
  • Master complexity by using the existing intelligence of the entire organization

Day 2

Session 3: Habits to increase your individual resilience

  • 7 Habits of high-performing people

Session 4: Drivers and Tensions of Organizational Resilience

  • The factors of shared purpose, enabling leadership, meaningful relationships and collaborative learning
  • The importance of progressive and flexibility

Day 4

Session 7: Viable System Modell II

  • Balance of functional hierarchy and vital self-organization
  • Strengthening internal cohesion and regeneration time (resilience)

Session 8: Insight to Practice

  • Your individual resilience
  • Your organizational resilience
  • Evaluation and Closing



“It was a brilliant opportunity, and I reflected and learned a lot during the course. It includes the balance of the international and external situations and coherence between the mandate and field practices. As a result, it contributed to the shift of Save Cambodia’s Wildlife towards developing its “Social Entrepreneurship Strategy” and a sustainable role in contributing to the protection of forest and wildlife habitat in Cambodia.”

Tep Boonny

Executive Director, Save Cambodia's Wildlife

Meet the facilitators

Dirk Reber

A facilitator, trainer, mentor and coach with extensive experience working in civil society

Dirk is committed to the civil society sector for more than 25 years. With his passion, positive energy, optimism, and autonomy, he likes to see people grow and find their true meaning of values. His international experience in different leadership positions throughout Asia and Africa qualifies him as facilitator, trainer, and coach: preferably with you in one of the CSA courses, otherwise as an outdoor trainer. Dirk's center is his family and nature. He has the roles of facilitator and coach. With a professional background in economics, sociology, and rural development, Dirk is committed to the civil society for over 20 years. Being with Welthungerhilfe since 2003, he worked in consultancy and leadership positions throughout Asia: Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, and North Korea. He will facilitate the training courses in South East Asia.

Subhankar Chatterjee

An experienced facilitator, trainer and coach

Subhankar has 19 years of experience working in the development sector. He is in the lead for CSA in India. Prior to joining CSA he had worked with Welthungerhilfe, Tata Trust and PRADAN. Subhankar has extensive experience working with large scale programmes on livelihoods and skills development, food and nutrition security, and social entrepreneurship, and strengthening community institutions in South Asia.

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