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Green Skills Analysis Tool


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Context/ WHY

The Civil Society Academy is implementing a Scaling Initiative powered by Welthungerhilfe which looks at scaling highly impactful projects in India, Nepal and Uganda. One of these projects is the Green College Initiative – a youth skilling approach geared towards preparing rural youth for (self-) employment opportunities as well as promoting the green economy.

In order to be able to provide high quality and market-oriented training, we identified the need for a visual, practical and dynamic tool to assess the demand-supply gap in the rural job markets and identify high-potential marketable Green trades to support those who wish to bridge the gap of youth unemployment and job creation in the Green Economy through entrepreneurship and employment.

We also realized a need to have a bottom-up approach in the identification process which is different from the conventional approach used by most consultants. Often the conventional studies lack decision making guidance which empowers the implementers to use their knowledge more analytically and identify the star trades to be offered for skills development.

Process/ HOW

To assess and analyze the Green Skills Sector and identify high-potential trades, we suggest a three-phased process that follows a design-thinking participatory approach, is focused on the local context, and uses a gender-lens throughout. Step by step different stakeholder (i.e. project staff, youth/ trainees, public & private sector actors and technical experts) are being involved and engaged for specific joint analysis exercises (i.e. employers for competency mapping) to provide inputs and identify the best suitable trades.

Solution/ WHAT

We designed a Green Skills Analysis tool in the form of a facilitation guide for trainers, project managers and consultants. It includes a session plan, implementation roadmap as well as up-to-date facilitation methodologies for engaging and effective workshop facilitation.

The Green Skill Analysis tool is a guide focusing on users and their experiences. It is a collection of nine steps that were carefully generated by our training experts to provide effective support for Green Colleges, Vocational Training Institutes and other skills providers to identify and assess job market and employment demands in the Green Economy within a specific locality in order to offer high potential trades to youth.

We have tested and used this guide ourselves and facilitated a 5-day participatory workshop in February 2020 for Welthungerhilfe and selected Green Colleges in India and Uganda.

Preview from Green Skills Analysis Manual

Tool Kit Overview

Interested in this tool?

Contact us at info@civilsocietyacademy.org for workshop facilitation, access to the Green Skills Analysis tool or more information.

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