Organisational Scholarship Award

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CSA Training Voucher worth up to 4,000 € valid for One Year

Congratulations to the Winners of the Organisational Scholarship!

Organisation for Rural Reconstruction & Integrated Social Service Activities (ORRISSA)

Tarun Bharat Sangh (TBS)

Kore Great Hope Charity Organisation (KGHC Ethiopia)

Yehiwot Berhan Church of Ethiopia Development Organisation (YBCEDO)

Application Process

Frequently Asked Questions

What´s an Organisational Scholarship Award?

The Organisational Scholarship Award is our annual support in capacity and network building offered to 5 - 10 small-sized civil society organisations (with less than 50 paid staff members). The Award will be in the form of a CSA training voucher that has to be redeemed within one year. The scholarship voucher worth up to 4,000 EURO can only be used for CSA training or/and facilitation fees. It does not include travel, visa, and other costs.

What are the selection criteria for scholarship?

1. History of your organisation and the vibrancy of the current team 2. The urgency of the social challenges your organisation aims to address 3. The progressiveness of the methods your organisation uses to address the challenges 4. Potential for impact of your organisation 5. Clarity of the way ahead and the value added by the trainings and facilitation offered by Civil Society Academy Please note: The Organisational Scholarship Award will be in the form of vouchers that have to be redeemed within one year for CSA trainings.

Can the Organisational Scholarship Award be paid out in cash?

The Award is based on vouchers which have to be redeemed within one year in training fees for CSA training or facilitation fees, for instance a CSA facilitator facilitates a strategy workshop for your organisation. The Award does not include travel, visa, and other additional costs.

My organisation is granted an Organisational Scholarship, what happens next?

Once an organisation is awarded a scholarship, a CSA facilitator will carry out a rapid capacity need assessment to recommend courses or facilitation processes offered by the CSA.

How can organisations apply?

Please go to our Online Application Form to register your participation. After the application is submitted, you will get a confirmation email with an upload location for your application video or 3-page PDF. The application is open until 15 January 2019. The names of organisations who are awarded with an organisational scholarship will be announced in the second week of February 2019. Please note that though the vouchers can be redeemed for different CSA services, the reservation for the trainings need to be completed within the first 2 months after the organisation received the award. For training reservations we follow the first comes first selection principle.

Which organisation is eligible to apply?

Only national networks or national civil society organisations with less than 50 paid staff members are eligible to apply. To apply, organisations first have to fill out the Online Application Form. An email will be sent to confirm the participation and give details about the upload location for the application video of not more than 3 minutes or a PDF of not more than 3 pages (incl. photographs). More details about selection criteria: Here.

When is the deadline of application?

The deadline of application closes at 11:55 pm on 1 February 2019.

The application is complete and submitted, what happens next?

After 1 February 2019, the selection process will take place as follows: 1. Short-listed organisations will be invited for an one hour interview 2. Reference check to clarify the organisation´s credibility 3. Announcement of selected organisations/ awardees

More questions?

2019 Programme

What´s new?

Our new 2019 Programme is finally available for download! New in our portfolio:

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  • Organisational Scholarships

  • Social Innovation Challenge 2019

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