From civil society.
For civil society. 

We share our experiences and support you with additional skills and strategies for your team and organization. By identifyinag critical learning fields of civil society organizations, we developed training courses that challenge outdated concepts and enriches your work. We believe that everyone can sustainably drive justice forward if the right tools are at hand. Let us begin and reach social justice together. 

We have developed three different opportunities to work on your cause:


Impact Training

In our Impact Training you will have the opportunity to train with a diverse group out of the development sector throughout Africa and South Asia. The mix of international and local perspectives enriches our discussions and leads to a very inspirational setting to drive our missions forward. 

Customized Services

In our Customized Training we train with you in a local setting in Africa or South Asia. You will find the time to take a deep dive on topics like Advocacy, Leadership, Ressource Mobilization and Human Rights Based Approach to build up more capacities to work on your cause.


Co Creation

Ideas and inspiration live from exchange and different perspectives, and implementing such ideas often need support - financially or mentally. We love to hear from you, if you are about to kick-off a project for a purpose. 

So far, we have had the privilege of training and learning with Social Pioneers from more than 400 organizations in Africa, germany and south asia. 


All pioneers working for grassroot organizations and local civil society organizations can apply for a Scholarship to reduce training fees.