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Movers and Shakers
The Civil Society Incubator

Our challenge

How might we support the movers and shakers of the 21st century to adapt, innovate and scale breakthrough solutions for citizen rights and democracy?


We forecast that by 2030, the movers and shakers will increasingly be people, movements or lean organizations with sound social values, a large outreach, and great virtual platforms. They use participatory media and artificial intelligence to engage citizens that are hungry for change. Some of them will be traditional organisations that invest in people and technology. Others are entirely new actors, that follow the lead of people like Julian Assange, or Greta Thunberg.     

How we work with partners?


We are passionate about collaboration and belief that together, we can co-create and scale solutions for a better world - where human rights and social justice are a reality.

Our Partners


Center for Youth and Social Development (CYSD)

Established in 1982, CYSD works to improve the quality of lives of the tribal, rural, and urban poor in Odisha.

Website: https://www.cysd.org/


Pradan India

Established in 1983 by Deep Joshi and Vijay Mahajan, Pradan works to strengthen the ability of the rural poor in India to earn a decent living.




Established in 1962, WHH's vision is a world in which all people have the opportunity to live a self-determined life in dignity and justice, free from hunger and poverty.

Website: www.welthungerhilfe.org


Ekjut India

Ekjut works to contribute towards building up of a society which promotes equity and inclusiveness.

Website: www.ekjutindia.org

Skill Green Global India

Skill Green Global aims to bring multi-level convergence at local, national and international levels with the various government departments & schemes, Banks, market linkages via private partnerships & policy advocacy.

Website: skillgreen.org

Living Farms

Living Farms Odisha

Living Farms engages with local communities in rural Odisha to cultivate critical consciousness, and develop the ability to objectively analyze the root causes of the current crisis.

Website: livingfarms.co.in

CSA India Logo

CSA India

CSA India Trust...

Website: Coming soon



CEMOCOD empowers 

Winner of the Social Innovation Challenge Award 2019 by CSA

Website: www.cemcod.org


Aeloi - Tracing Impact:

Empowering last-mile impact finance for micro-entrepreneurs using digital tokens.

Winner of the Social Innovation Challenge Award 2019 by CSA

Website: www.aeloi.com

How we innovate and scale?


We love design thinking processes, with young, diverse, and creative teams that work hand in hand, and move quickly. Life is too precious to argue, stop and go ...


We are pioneers of user-centric design in the "for purpose" world: But what is the difference between design thinking to common project thinking?

  • Focus on the user i.e. groups of citizens, their perspectives, their emotions, pains, and gains - to see where we can really make a difference.

  • A creative process of ideation for divergent, out-of-the-box thinking

  • No long planning and large proposals, rather quick, lean and affordable piloting of solutions with user - to learn and adjust the solutions.

  • Eye on the target: Not to finish a project, but to develop solutions that work, and can be scaled.

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Tiffany Photo.jpg

Tiffany Tong

Co-founder, CEO Aeloi

The CSA team was our earliest believer! We wouldn’t have been able to survive one of the hardest parts of a startup’s journey -- the first 2 years -- without CSA’s mentoring, connections, and funding. With CSA’s support, we were able to run our first pilot, survive covid-lockdowns, and reach scale-up agreements. I’m also really glad to meet all the other social entrepreneurs in our cohort: they are fun, inspiring, and offer invaluable advice.

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