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  • Marketing Communication: Share impact and values in the nonprofit world
    30 Nov, 2:00 pm IST – 03 Dec, 5:30 pm IST
    Foundation Level

The course

At the heart of every effective communication lies powerful storytelling. This 4-day course will help you understand the fundamentals of marketing communication, the role of storytelling, and how to use digital tools to create successful campaigns that are authentic and engaging.

This course includes 8 virtual live sessions spreading over 4 consecutive days. Each session is for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

For whom

The course is designed for everyone working in civil society organizations, who wants to learn the foundations of marketing communication.

Course fees*:

EUR 350/ person (plus VAT for EU residence)

*Special Discounts for groups and CSA alumni

15% group discount: 4 or more registrations from one organization

10% individual discount: For CSA alumni

Business Team


Marketing Communication 

Share impact and values in the non-profit world


​What you'll learn

  • The fundamentals of marketing communication, branding vs. marketing

  • Empathize with your target audience and identify key channels for effective engagement

  • The power of storytelling, sharing values and impact beyond numbers and metrics

  • How to create powerful messages and design attractive posters, flyers, and newsletters online

  • Communicating on social media

  • Develop a communication strategy and plan for action with SMART goals

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Session Plan

Day 1

Session 1: Welcome and Introduction

  • Welcome and program
  • The navigation tool for the workshop
  • Get to know each other
  • Introduction: Marketing as progress

Session 2: Marketing communication

  • Marketing communication in the non-profit world
  • Understand the marketing funnel

Day 2

Session 3: Brand identity

  • Build brand recognition
  • Your target audience: demographics versus psychographics
  • Customer journey

Session 4: Powerful storytelling

  • Key elements of good stories

  • How to apply storytelling principles to communicate values and impact

  • Stories of change (Impact Grid) - Case studies

Day 3

Session 5: How to create effective campaigns

  • Think in campaign
  • How to create messages that stick (AIDA)
  • Design principles and tools (Canva)

Session 6: Marketing communication tools and channels

  • Website and SEO
  • Social media
  • Digital and print newsletter
  • Videos
  • Brochures and more

Day 4

Session 7: Communication plan

  • Introduction
  • Develop a communication plan
  • Presentation and feed forward

Session 8: Conclusion and the Way Forward

  • Self-assessment

  • Your Action Plan

  • Evaluation and Closing


“Integrated marketing communication is a way of looking at the whole marketing process from the view point of the customer ”

Philip Kotler

Meet the facilitator

Trang new_edited.jpg
Trang Nguyen

Facilitator & Coach, Marketing lead CSA

Trang holds a degree in Social Sciences and has worked in different governmental as well as non-governmental organisations in Germany, Vietnam, and India. She joined CSA in 2015, where she overlooks marketing communication, and facilitates workshops as well as processes. Trang is a creative and forward-thinking person who loves to learn, share, and connect with like-minded people. She is also professionally trained in coaching young ambitious change-makers.

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