Leadership in Civil Society

How to become an exceptional civil society leader

11 training days | two residential workshops | one-on-one coaching

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This course will help you become an exceptional leader by equipping you with effective tools and innovative concepts to master your greatest challenges, at the workplace as well as in your personal life.


  • You will explore the history, concepts, and roles of civil society such as advocacy, empowerment, service delivery, social entrepreneurship, and innovation


  • You will embark on an intensive journey to reflect on your leadership skills and attitudes - your organisational leadership, team leadership, and self-leadership


  • You will learn innovative ways to improve your communication skills, enhance your team and organisational performance, or redefine key strategies and processes


  • You will become more effective and influential in achieving social change and shaping Civil Society


  • You will be able to develop a powerful leadership agenda for yourself and your organisation


The course includes two workshops with a total of 11 training days as well as personalised coaching. Course language is English.


Download: Flyer Asia course, Flyer Africa course

For whom

  • Leaders of Civil Society Organisations as well as high-potentials who aspire to become an exceptional leader


Fees workshops, materials, accommodation, meals, coaching

  • International NGOs: € 2,700 / person

  • National NGOs: € 1,500 / person



  • 10% Early bird: 8 weeks before the course starts

  • 10% Group discount: for registration of 2 and more


Contact: registration@civilsocietyacademy.org


What people say...

Naqibullah Dalili

Executive Director, Good Neighbours International Afghanistan

“I will never forget the inspiring energy with all the beautiful faces from around the globe. The course has changed the way I live, work, and lead. Many thanks to all facilitators for their patience throughout both workshops. They did a wonderful job!”


Herbert Wolpert

Herbert has consulted for organisations of all sizes in industries, commerce, education and healthcare, both in Europe and Australasia. Since 1992, he is leading organisations and leadership development programmes for senior management. Since 2011, he is consulting with Welthungerhilfe and the European Network Alliance 2015. Herbert’s facilitation and coaching skills are unmatched.

Sohini Paul

Sohini has been working in the development sector for more than two decades, mostly on capacity building, governance, and human rights in the South Asian context. As a facilitator at Civil Society Academy, she focusses on providing trainings and workshops on leadership and team management, advocacy and rights-based approach as well as designing effective programmes and projects. 

Joachim Schwarz

Joachim started his career with the UN before shifting to Civil Society. In Welthungerhilfe, he worked in leadership positions in Ethiopia and Sri Lanka, and as Regional Director for South Asia. Joachim is passionate about Civil Society and has been the main engine of the Civil Society Academy since its inception in 2014. He is also a lecturer in Geography at Bonn University.

Dirk Reber

With a professional background in economics, sociology and rural development, Dirk is committed to the Civil Society for over 20 years. Being with Welthungerhilfe since 2003, he worked in consultancy and leadership positions throughout Asia: Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, and North Korea. Since 2015, Dirk is establishing the Civil Society Academy in Southeast Asia.

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