Leadership and Team Management 

Develop yourself and a high-performing team

4 training days | Not residential  | 10 venues across Asia & Africa



Examine the intensive and powerful role that leadership plays in you, your team and your organisation.
During this 4-day training, you will learn the key concepts of leadership and team management which
will enable you to lead better, stimulate team spirit and enhance team performance.

  • Develop yourself, your team and organisational leadership

  • Reflect on your organisation’s vision, strategies, and values

  • Improve your team’s performance, ignite ideas and inspire action


Download: Flyer Ethiopia, Flyer IndiaFlyer Myanmar

Go to our list of open trainings and check when it´s available in your city.

For whom

  • Everyone in leading position and young emerging leaders

  • Everyone who leads a team or aspires to become a team leader


Fees include training, materials, lunch and coffee

  • International NGOs: € 450 / person

  • National NGOs: € 250 / person



  • 10% Early bird: 4 weeks before the course starts

  • 10% Group discount: for registration of 2 and more


Contact: registration@civilsocietyacademy.org​

What people say...

Fareed Bajai

Finance Manager, Welthungerhilfe Afghanistan

“The most interesting part of this training series is that the knowledge of each day reflects on some parts of your daily work. After attending the trainings, I feel much better equipped and confident at work.”


Petra Speier-Werner

Petra’s mission is to be a source of inspiration and love that holds a space for everyone to grow and flow. She has been working in different sectors in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Being an organizational psychologist, economist and political scientist with a doctorate in change management, her trainings, lectures, and coaching are nurtured with her interdisciplinary approach. 

Dirk Reber

Dirk is committed to the civil society sector more than 25 years. With his passion, positive energy, optimism, and autonomy, he likes to see people grow and find their true meaning of values. His international experience in different leadership positions throughout Asia and Africa qualifies him as facilitator, trainer and coach: preferably with you in one of the CSA courses, otherwise as an outdoor trainer. Dirks center is his family and nature. He facilitates with full engagement the following courses and trainings: Leadership in Civil SocietyOrganisational DevelopmentLeadership and Team Management, and Fundraising for Civil Society.

Sohini Paul

Sohini has worked in the development sector for more than two decades - mostly on governance, human rights, and capacity building in the South Asian context. Sohini works full-time for CSA. Her roles include facilitation, course coordination, outreach Asia, as well as mentoring and coaching.

Claudia Zehl

Claudia has an academic background in intercultural conflict management and is a certified mediator. Since 2010, Claudia has worked in various positions for Johanniter International Assistance, both in humanitarian and development settings. Currently, she is running the office of Johanniter in Southeast Asia supporting programmes in cooperation with Cambodian Civil Society Organisations on Community Health, WASH, and Livelihood.

Subhankar Chatterjee

Subhankar has 19 years of experience working in the development sector. He is in the lead for CSA in India. Prior to joining CSA he had worked with Welthungerhilfe, Tata Trust and PRADAN. Subhankar has extensive experience working with large scale programmes on livelihoods and skills development, food and nutrition security, and social entrepreneurship, and strengthening community institutions in South Asia.

Georges Hounga

Passionné du développement, Georges rêve d’un monde où chaque individu peut exercer son pouvoir de mener une vie saine grâce à une alimentation en harmonieavec la planète. Titulaire d’un diplôme d’Ingénieur environnementaliste et entre autres, d’un Master en Solidarités et Actions Humanitaires, il a plus de 10 ans dans la coopération au développement et a construit sa vie professionnelle autour de la gestion de projets et programmes au sein d’ONGs Internationales notamment dans des contextes post-conflits. Georges est actuellement en poste au Burundi où il occupe la fonction de chef de mission pour l’ONG Welthungerhilfe.

Joachim Schwarz

Joachim started his career with the UN before shifting to Civil Society. In Welthungerhilfe, he worked in leading positions in Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and as Regional Director for South Asia. Joachim is passionate about Civil Society and has been the main engine of the Civil Society Academy since its inception in 2014. He is also a lecturer in Geography at Bonn University .

Marita Ishwaran

Marita has been working in the education and development sector for almost three decades and became a consultant in 2014. Her thematic experiences include community development, human rights and peace education, strategic planning and visioning, programme management, team and leadership building, and communication skills.

Tesfaye Yimer

Tesfaye holds a Doctor in Transformational Leadership/DTL in Entrepreneurial Organisational Transformation, MA in Organisational Leadership and BSc in Agricultural Economics. Previous to founding Sankofa Consultancy Service (SCS), he had worked with the government as well as NGOs in different leading positions. Tesfaye established SCS in 2014 and ever since he has been facilitating workshops and trainings on diverse topics such as change leadership, project cycle management, and organisational capacity assessment of CBOs.

Bunrithy Lav

Rithy has worked in the development sector with both national and international non-governmental organizations for almost 20 years. He joined the CSA team in 2015, first as a participant of the very first comprehensive course Leadership in Civil Society, then as a co-facilitator of the second course the year after. He has extensive experience in moderating and facilitating trainings and workshops, from the grassroots to the national level, and is now reaching out to the international arena.

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