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Civil Society Academy (CSA) was founded in 2014 as an ambitious initiative of Welthungerhilfe to support social pioneers, civil society leaders, activists and development enthusiasts to fulfil their mission and vision.

As a global social startup with a passion for social justice, we support civil society actors across Asia and Africa in building their capacities to become more effective and creative in developing their leadership and organisation, solving social problems, implementing effective programmes, and incubating innovative ideas.

Our trainings and processes are participatory, reflective and foster a creative dialogue with like-minded people. 

We support and equip you with super-tools!

Our Impact

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Our Values


Values are our shared beliefs. Everything we do and how we work are guided by these six values.

While some of them are more relevant and practiced than others, everyone in our team agrees that they must be lived and made visible through our work with the team and others.

Our Team

We are a group of diverse individuals who are driven by the passion to create sustainable actions.

In late 2016, CSA adopted Holacracy as a new management and governance system that allows us to become more lean and self managed. 

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