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Do you want to be part of developing disruptive innovations for civil society?

Here's the challenge...

How might Covid-19 disrupt the work of Civil Society ... 

... and what could we do to embrace emerging opportunities?

We have developed 4 forecasts that are bold and provocative.  


By 2022, digitalization has finally revolutionized the advocacy and empowerment work of CSOs. Large parts of the "vulnerable" are now virtually organized and become a powerful voice in politics and social life.


By 2022 online platforms selling perishable agri-food products backed by shorter, localized supply chains will replace large retail outlets and draw high investments.


By 2022, the government takes a transformative step in closing down the myriads of not so effective programmes to reduce its own cost, leakages and focus on universal basic income through direct cash transfer for all Indian citizens.


By 2022, rural areas in India are in the middle of a renaissance – with an expanding economic, social and cultural life. Many skilled migrant workers choose to remain in the villages after Covid-19. They are more connected then ever through digital services. There is public and private investment and an increased demand in “rural” products.​

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Peter Drucker


Goal: The online workshops will bring together key stakeholders to develop future scenarios and disruptive ideas for civil society.

Date & time: June 2020

We look for

  • Creative people and visionaries that have a passion for Social Justice

  • Social innovators and pioneers who can bring ideas forward

Innovation at Civil Society Academy

 We champion and advocate for a just and equal world, and spend all our time harnessing the superpower abilities of social pioneers, innovators and civil society leaders to fast track radical system transformation. Being a fast growing social start-up ourselves initiated by Welthungerhilfe in 2014, we know the transformative power of ideas and what it takes to bring them to life. Over the years we have also developed a strong reputation for strengthening and deepening local participative social innovation processes and championing the role of the third sector in radical system transformation discourses. 

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