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Develop your own sustainable revenue model

In an ever-changing world, many Civil Society Organizations often feel trapped and constrained by limited resources despite their amazing work. According to many studies published, the majority of organizations are highly dependent on project funding from International NGOs and do not have an existing fundraising strategy. Some have challenges in attracting funding and communicating their impact to donors. Since the pandemic, an increasing number of CSOs are forced to rethink their funding model and find ways to diversify their fundraising strategy, online and offline. Over the past few years, more and more CSOs have come to acknowledge the importance of strategic fundraising - especially as part of their organizational resilience plan.

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How do we transfer knowledge?

Our curriculum has been designed keeping the balance between, the ‘topic level’, ‘I level’, and ‘We level’.


We use a variety of methods and tools including

  • Working Templates

  • Participatory sessions

  • Discussions in break-out rooms

  • Games

  • Exercises

  • Role Plays,

  • Self and Group Reflection


In our training you will have the opportunity to connect with both,  peers and facilitators for an immersive experience that will allow you to build critical skills you need to thrive as a fundraiser.

Key fields of the training

  • Fundraising fundamentals and resource mobilizations models

  • Complex donor landscape 

  • Donor negotiation skills

  • Marketing communication

  • Reporting

  • Fundraising techniques across all donor cohorts (individual giving/philanthropy, trust and foundation, institutional, and private sector)

  • Fundraising strategy

  • Action planning

After the training you will be able to

  • Know, how to map different funding opportunities, instruments and modalities

  • Understand the organization’s Fundraising Strategy and Action Plan and their specific role in meeting targets

  • Understand key ingredients and principles of storytelling

  • Developing your fundraising strategy by working with the Fundraising Canvas

  • Implementing fitting communication activities to support your fundraising

  • Measure the success of your strategy and take immediate action for improvement

This course is designed for Fundraisers and Resource Mobilizers of civil society organizations, Project Managers, Programm Managers and all actors working for civil society organizations interested in developing fundraising skills


Training Fee

Internationational & Affiliates

EUR 350 p.P*

*For groups of four or more: 10% discount

For national organizations

EUR 175 p.P*

This Training includes

24 hours of training, split into four days into sixteen sessions | A package with all the training material | Impact Training Fundraising | Lunch, drinks and snacks.

Training Schedule 2023

Coming soon...

Your Facilitators


Helina Yigletu

Helina’s eclectic skillset and interests have led her on a meandering path cutting across a global consulting firm, a publishing collective, a feminist social enterprise, and organizations working in the development sector. As a Coordinator for CSA Africa, she now works on gradually nurturing the entity into an impactful changemaker in the local civil society ecosystem and beyond. She values the inspired vision and progressive values of CSA and finds herself at home in training spaces where collective knowledge is woven into meaningful strategy. She spends the rest of her time on creative outlets and cultivating meaning, knowledge, and connection.

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Trang nguyen

Trang holds a degree in Social Sciences and has worked in different governmental as well as non-governmental organisations in Germany, Vietnam, and India. She joined CSA in 2015, where she initially overlooked marketing communication, and gradually moved over to facilitation, mentoring, and coaching. Her thematic focuses are innovation and social entrepreneurship, fundraising for CSOs, and marketing communication. Trang is a creative and forward-thinking person who loves to learn, share, and connect with like-minded people. Since 2020, she is also a professionally trained Life and Leadership Coach.

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What fellow pioneers share about the training

Sana Masroor, Manager Institutional Partnerships, CARE India

“Definitely made the right choice. It has been a wonderful and enriching experience. Thank you for organising a much awaited workshop."