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The course

“Create impact and legacy for a better world”; this is what Civil Society is all aboutThe pace of change and the influence of civil society highly depend on the right kind of leadership. Some civil society leaders are good, while far fewer are truly exceptional and create the change.

What makes this course exceptional?


  • Reflect on your personal values, your purpose, your empathy, and your self-managementyour strengths and challenges

  • Reflect on your organization or unit, and its purpose, how it creates impact, its organizational culture, and how it mobilizes resources

  • Create models that describe your organization in totally new ways


  • Get inspired by exceptional leaders who changed the world, and of civil society organizations that create unique and lasting impact: in community development, empowerment, advocacy, innovation, and social businesses

  • Together, we will explore the “drivers of change” of today’s world and in your specific context, to help you create the change and impact you want

Commitment and Strategy

  • Collectively, we will explore strategies and designs for your personal and organizational growth: to make you and your organization more influential and impactful 

  • We help you find ways to build commitment and motivation in yourself and others to reach your goals. Here we take a close look at the people that define your organization


  • We provide tons of tools and approaches that can help you to move towards exceptional leadership: coaching habits, being more present and inspirational, owning responsibility, agile management methods, creating awareness and empathy, partnerships brokering, and new ways of mobilizing funds and talented people

  • We explore ways to keep your changes on track, maintain new practices and behaviors, towards becoming a truly exceptional leader and leave a legacy to the world


This intensive course will include 3 modules that run over 3 months:

Each module will have 8 online sessions spread over 4 days in a row. Each day includes two sessions. One session is of 1 hour and 30 minutes duration.


Module 1: 31 August - 3 September 2021

Module 2: 26 - 29 October 2021

Module 3: 14 - 17 December 2021



Nairobi: 11:30 AM - 3 PM

Delhi: 2 PM - 5:30 PM

Bangkok: 3:30 PM - 7 PM

For whom:

This course is exclusive. It is specifically designed for senior staff and leaders of civil society organizations who have a high level of self-awareness and professionalism. The course is based on our powerful “exceptional leadership” model for personal and organizational mastery for social change.

Course fees*:

EUR 1850/ person (plus VAT for EU residence)

*Special Discounts for groups and CSA alumni

15% group discount: 4 or more registrations from one organization

10% individual discount: For CSA alumni



Exceptional Leadership 

Make a Change

Info Webinar - Exceptional Leadership.jpg

To help you decide whether to enroll in the course, we invite you to join our facilitators for an interactive 45 min complimentary webinar.

Date & time:

20 July 2021, 10 AM - 10:45 AM German time

Why this course

  • Receive a Certificate of Exception

  • Individual coaching by experienced coaches

  • Take part in practical and reflective assignments

  • Learn key concepts and powerful tools

  • Meet and learn from like-minded people

​What you'll learn

  • You will come out of the course knowing yourself and your organization much, much better – it will be a transformational experience

  • You will learn several new ways, to create an impact in the world

  • You will understand the changes that matter to you and your organization

  • You will build commitment and motivation for change, in yourself and among others

  • You will learn about strategy tools and how to apply them. 

  • You get to know many tools that will help you to communicate better, manage better, get more resources, and monitor and maintain change

Leadership course.jpg

Meet the facilitators

Dirk Reber

A facilitator, trainer, mentor, and coach with extensive experience in civil society

Dirk is committed to the civil society sector for more than 25 years. With his passion, positive energy, optimism, and autonomy, he likes to see people grow and find their true meaning of values. His international experience in different leadership positions throughout Asia and Africa qualifies him as facilitator, trainer, and coach: preferably with you in one of the CSA courses, otherwise as an outdoor trainer. Dirk's center is his family and nature. He has the roles of facilitator and coach. He has a professional background in economics, sociology, and rural development. Being with Welthungerhilfe since 2003, he worked in consultancy and leadership positions throughout Asia: Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, and North Korea.

Joachim Schwarz

An experienced facilitator, trainer and professionally trained coach

Joachim is passionate about social justice and on a mission to support like-minded civil society actors and social entrepreneurs to become more powerful and innovative. Hence, in 2014 he left his NGO career to build the Civil Society Academy. He is an outstanding facilitator and coach with expertise in social innovation, leadership, organisational change, and advocacy. After 20+ years in Africa and Asia, he is now based in Berlin.

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