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Equal opportunities for
local and grassroot civil society  organizations

We know that organizations with limited budgets find it difficult to get their staff the training and capacity-strengthening they need.

Funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development we subsidizes 50 percent of the training fee for all our Impact Training until April 2022.

In doing so, we aim to provide grassroots organizations and local NGOs with the same opportunities to advocate for employee excellence and contribute to greater impact.


APPLY if you work for
a Local or grassroot organization, movement, initiative
or network. 

How does it work?

Apply for a scholarship and create positive change to reach global social justice. 

Scholarship program
frequently asked questions

Does everyone who qualifies get a scholarship?

No. We have a limited number of seats available during the calendar year for scholarship recipients. Decisions will be based on individual needs, type of organization, and program availability. Preference will be granted to those who have not received scholarships from CSA before.

How to pay my 50 % share?

Applicants selected for a scholarship must contribute 50 % of the course fees. The fees must be received at least 10 working days before the training starts. We accept payments by direct bank transfer to our account in Germany. If it's difficult for you to make a bank transfer, please contact us for possible alternatives. You can contact us at registration@civilsocietyacademy.org

What are my responsibilities?

After successfully completing the course, we encourage all our scholarship program recipients to provide a short story or blog and testimonial, describing the most significant change the participant has experienced because of taking part in the course. Our marketing team will support you in this process.

I got the scholarship but the online training is overbooked?

If a program is overbooked, we reserve the right to schedule the scholarship recipient and enroll them in a similar training course later in 2021.

I got the scholarship but the online training got canceld?

If a training gots canceled, the same procedure applies to overbooked trainings. As a scholarship holder you can take part on the next training.

When should I apply?

We recommend applying at least six weeks before your favorite open training starts.