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The Art of Human-Centered Facilitation 

Run design thinking workshops

The course​

Have you ever wondered how innovators solve today’s small and big challenges? Have you asked yourself how we can create a more just social, economic and environmental systems for tomorrow? How can we effectively support our implementation partners, beneficiaries, and users? Or boldly asked yourself: How can we make development work irrelevant (because people are self-empowered and solve problems by themselves)?  


If you have been asking yourself these questions, we would like to take you on a journey – the design-thinking journey to create choices and make choices towards solving today’s small and big challenges of your non-profit organization.

This course will deepen your user-centric thinking and out-of-the-box problem-solving skills. It will introduce you to a new way of thinking and approach of today’s challenging environment. You will select a current challenge in your work environment and go through the 5 steps of design thinking. This is an advanced course consisting of two modules of interactive online sessions in March and June, and practical assignments accompanied by mentoring sessions in between the modules.  

For whom:

This training course is designed for forward-thinking problem solvers in the civil society space. You may be a project or program manager of a national or international NGO, a social innovator/ entrepreneur, or intrapreneur. 

We welcome participants from all levels of organizations and from diverse departments, which create a rich mix of experience and perspectives. 

Course fees*:

EUR 750/ person (plus VAT for EU residence)

*Special Discounts for groups and CSA alumni

15% group discount: 4 or more registrations from one organization

10% individual discount: For CSA alumni



  • Receive a Certificate of


  • You can apply for the Exceptional Level

  • You will receive all the materials used during the training 

  • You will become a part of CSA alumni community 

​What you'll learn

  • What human-centered design and design thinking is 

  • How to apply design-thinking in your day-to-day work  

  • How to solve complex challenges in your (work) environment through a user-centric approach 

  • Why a human-centered design is essential in today’s fast-changing environment and the context of development work 

Leadership course.jpg

Session Plan

Module 1

Session 1: Welcome and Introduction

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Magic Triangle
  • How we learn
  • Using miro & zoom

Session 2: The journey begins...

  • A Brief History
  • Great Moments in HCD

Session 5: Develop empathy

  • Know your audience: Empathy/ Persona Development

Session 6: Define your challenge

  • How-might-we Questions

Session 3: Creating and making choices

  • Double Diamond
  • Human Centered Design vs Design Thinking

Session 4: Mindset and skillset

  • Star-Method
  • From empathy to creative confidence to embracing failure

Session 7: Ideation

  • Creating choices
  • Creative confidence

Session 8: Evaluation and Way Forward

  • Feed Forward
  • Way Forward
  • Mentoring & Assignments
  • Evaluation and Closing

Module 2

Session 9: Welcome and Introduction

  • Welcome and Introduction to the module
  • Presentation of assignments

Session 10: Ideation & Inspiration

  • Creating choices & making choices
  • Pivots & Iterations

Session 11: The Design-Thinking Intersection

  • Desirability
  • Viability
  • Feasibility

Session 12: Develop your MVP

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Prototyping
  • Defining success criteria

Session 13: Testing

  • Prototype testing
  • Embracing failure

Session 14: Build your toolkit

  • Design-thinking tools for mindset and skillset development

Session 15: Explore more

  • Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Possibilities of technology & Co

Session 16: Evaluation and Way Forward

  • Feed Forward
  • Way Forward
  • Mentoring & Assignments
  • Evaluation and Closing



"Online facilitation needs skills, experience, and passion. All three are perfectly combined in the interactive class on facilitation." 

Friedbert Ottacher

Program Coordinator, HORIZONT3000 Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan

Meet the facilitator

Rishi Meena

An advanced facilitator and capacity building coordinator in the academy

Rishi has been working in the development sector since 2011 and he has sound experience in building capacities of professionals and communities in the areas of facilitation, community leadership and institutions, skill-building, and nutrition at the grass-roots level.
In his previous work, Rishi developed an e-learning system where he gained rich experience of working on online tools and processes. Rishi is skilled in arts like theatre, dance and he uses visualisation as a strong tool to learn and inspire others to learn.

Trang Nguyen

An energetic facilitator and professionally trained coach

Trang holds a degree in Social Sciences and has worked in different governmental as well as non-governmental organisations in Germany, Vietnam, and India. She joined CSA in 2015, where she overlooks the marketing communication, and facilitates workshops as well as processes. Trang is a creative and forward-thinking person who loves to learn, share, and connect with like-minded people. She is also professionally trained in coaching young ambitious change-makers.


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